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A new dimension of floristry created specially for fashion brands and designers, mostly for lookbooks and product shootings, to put an emphasis on the story of your brand and create the emotional connection with your customers.

Our mission is to underline the brand universe, the mood and the tone to your product, and increase your clients’ perception on your product by giving them emotions and aesthetic pleasure with flowers.

How it happens ?

– We meet you and ask you questions about the brand conception/collection, so we can understand all its specificities, and feel the mood the designer expressed in his/her work,

– we determine particular flowers or colours which are important for the collection,

– we produce visuals from concept to creation,

– we install everything on the shooting day, participate if necessary during the shooting, and dismantle it when it’s done.

Le Fancy Déco

At LE FANCY DECO, we believe brides, companies, fashion designers and all people

who add flowers to their special occasions wish to live an unforgettable experience.​


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